Thursday, 25 August 2016

What Wonders?

Hope your day has been good. Its been another hot and sticky one here in the UK and I'm wishing it was a bit cooler. And for some reason one of our TV channels was recently showing Christmas films  in the afternoons - I know it's 4 months exactly til Christmas but I'm confused!

I have a mixed piece today for AJJ Nature's Wonders which is rubber stamped on the right page and is digital on left.
I started with a Brusho background for a change, using seagreen and turquoise. Then on the right side I stamped the scene using an old sea theme foam backed set which was either by 'Rubber Stampede' or 'Allnight media' and also used a couple of stamps by 'Cherry pie' and used a mix of alphabet rubber stamps for the words. (small ones by Dove craft)
I am always fascinated by the things that are discovered deep down in the oceans, that are often weird looking and twinkle and glow.
I also wonder what is up out there beyond our skies and what amazing thing will be found next. Nature's wonders are everywhere.
I'm still really enjoying seeing all the lovely pages you're creating for this theme and all the wonderful ideas - thank you.
There's still a little time left to play
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Gill x

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

CONVOLVULUS - friend or foe?

Todays piece for Nature's Wonders at AJJ is a Convolvulus. But is it friend or foe?  
The common name that Convolvulus is known as, is Morning Glory. It is a species of bind weed which appears to be looked upon as both a plant and an invasive weed as it twines itself around plants and can choke them, however it does have good points as bees are also attracted by them.

I drew the Convolvulus with pencil first then went over it with black pigment pen and coloured with Neocolor ll water soluble wax pastels.
 Background Tim Holtz distress stains in Tumbled glass and Shabby shutters.. 
 Word quote stamp ’Eclectica 3’ by Lin Brown. Script and little grunge stamps make unknown.

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Hope you have a lovely day
Gill x

Saturday, 20 August 2016


Hello all.... 
My piece for Art Journal Journey  today started with an acrylic background in blue and green paint. Then I loosely drew the face and mountains, and coloured with Neocolor 11 pastels, Inktense blocks and coloured pencils. Added a bit more detail on the face with black pigment pen.
Natures wonders words were rub-ons. Rubber stamps were from a ‘Stamp a scene’ set by Rubber Stampede - not sure who made birds. The additional quote was a digitally done.

There's still another week left
for AJJ Nature's Wonders challenge 
 Hope to see you at AJJ
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Hope you're weekend going well.
Gill xx

Friday, 19 August 2016

Paper Pages People

Hi... a bit different today as this is my first of two posts. First one  linking to TIOT   where the challenge is to use some book pages/print on your project and I've been using my old school dictionary.... I knew it would come in handy after all these years :)


 drew and cut out head, neck and hair from pages.
Using Galleria matt medium stuck down pieces plus a few random bits.

Probably should have painted background first but using Pebeo Dyna paints and Pebeo Yellow painted around the body and head and over random bits.

Some more painting then added more colour using a stencil/stamp die cut from craft foam.

Drew face, coloured lightly with Neocolor 11 oil pastels.

Added some more Pebeo Dyna paint to the strips at edges. And then finished by painting and sticking on hair, a bit of shadow with Stabilo all pencil and finally a digital quote.
 August has been a funny month - the heat has made it awkward to sleep and what with trying to fit in watching the Olympics I seem to be doing everything late or back to front.
This was yesterdays breakfast - Polenta with sun dried tomato paste,quails egg, red pepper, and courgette. This morning was back to normal - beans on toast - but about 11am we were having a glass of white wine with cheese and crackers - this wasn't normal but this was to toast a blogging friend who was getting married this morning but too far for us to attend,
My red glasses case broke and Dave found a replacement but the dark blue didn't show up well and I spent so much time hunting down where I left my glasses that I did a quick painting with Pebeo acrylic and Dyna paints - not brilliant but at least it sticks out like a sore thumb and easier to find now.
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Hope you've had a great day.
No sunshine here today,
 was a grey day and now raining.
Gill x


Thursday, 18 August 2016

Bloom and Fly Free

Hi all..
For AJJ Nature's Wonders today I have a mixed media piece.
I started with a finger painted acrylic background. Used a bottle cap as a stamp with black acrylic and added some writing  for additional interest.
Then using old dictionary pages, I die cut a flower and tore out rough leaves shapes, feathers and drew and cut out the person. Next I painted them with slightly diluted paint and stuck them down.
Painted flower stem with Inktense blocks.  The bird (not sure of maker) stamped on to tissue paper, painted with white acrylic on back and on front coloured with Inktense  pencils.
Finished with some shading with Stabilo all, some white dots with Posca pen and additional words in circles using rub-ons.

Nature's wonders are resilient.
Meet 'The Limpits' .... well one of them... this is 'left Limpit' photo taken on 24th June - she - I'm 99% certain it's a she - could fly but a leg injury made her wobble and limp very badly, often with her body rubbing on the ground.

 When she was standing, she would open her wing out on the ground to balance or if not many birds about, sit down to eat. You can see her poorly leg sticking out.
 Birds always seem to sense if others are sick or injured and try to  chase them off, so she needed a bit of help to get to the food. At first she was wary of me but then we seemed to get into a routine; somehow she could balance in one of our trees and I would go and put some food on the ground and then move away and stand guard when she then came down to eat.
You're probably thinking what happened to the second Limpit in this story, well she seems to have paired up with another dove who also has - well more had now - a bad leg, his right leg, but it was no where as bad as hers. At first 'Mrs Limpit' didn't want to know him but they seem to have become buddies now.

It's probably 3, maybe 4 months since I first noticed her and happily I can report she appears much improved although still has a slight limp and so does he. I am so happy to see her walking again. I hope Mr & Mrs Limpit live happily ever after now :)

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Gill x

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Happy Pansies

Hi everyone... 
There's nothing quite like a walk amongst the flowers to lift your spirit is there?
What's your favourite flower and why?
I love lots of flowers but if asked would probably think of lovely little colourful Pansies first.
My double page spread for AJJ Nature's Wonders has an Aquamarker scribbled/doodled background.  I added some Pansy rub-ons, butterfly decoupage scraps, stamped birds on branch (make unknown) and added word quote stamps from ’Eclectica 3’ by Lin Brown. 

There’s something about Pansies that always makes me smile even when its raining - don't they look like happy little faces? 


Can't believe its almost Thursday,
another week is  flying by.
Many thanks for stopping by..
Hope you've had a good day

Gill x

Monday, 15 August 2016

WONDER and be amazed

Hi everyone it's Monday again - another weekend that seemed to come and go by so fast, hope yours was a good one.
Talking of things going fast, I'm already starting my 3rd week as guest host for the Nature's Wonders challenge at AJJ
So if you haven't already joined in there's still plenty of time left and lots of wonderful inspiration to be found there too.
Today I have a two page spread with - sorry - yet another Aquamarker background, you know...where I scribbled/doodled the markers on a piece of cellophane,  spritze or breathe on it, then pressed it down onto the paper to transfer the ink. I went a bit mad this time as its so much fun to do. All the grungy lines and splodges, yellow flowers and leaves were done this way too.
The Blue Tit stamp was free from a magazine and the Honesty stamp from an Elusive Image set. Birds on branch stamp make unknown.
Additional colouring with Inktense pencils and coloured pencils.


And when I was out in my garden this morning I spied some of nature's little treasures: a couple of Collared Doves feathers, an empty snail shell, a couple of interesting stones (not sure if that is something in the middle of that), some animal bones (birds?) and some shells... goodness knows how the shells got there. Lots of fascinating patterns and textures - have you seen anything interesting today?
I am always in awe of the wonderful montage pages that the lovely Valerie  creates at the end of each month. I don't think I'd have the patience to do that ( or the skill to make everything fit) but I was interested to see how the last two weeks of my pages looked together - took a bit of time so I won't be doing it after August.
Thanks for stopping by today
Gill x