Monday, 11 March 2013

Another Blog

Hellooooo.... not that they'll be anybody there...but maybe one day soon LOL........ but if you are there - hello - hope you are having a good day and are somewhere warm and sunny. It's bitterly cold here and been snowing on and off all morning, in fact just now two fire engines raced down our road and stopped opposite - but it turned out to be a force alarm - looks like someone must have spotted what they thought was smoke coming from the back of one of the houses, but was of course the steam from their central heating. I decided to start another blog... took a while to get a name I liked and couldn't believe that no one else already had it.... of course there may be a good reason for that ...
So just to get this first post out of the way thought I'd show you some of the books I am currently (still) reading.

This is probably my favourite book at present, so inspirational - but sadly there's no technical plans in it to be able to make a time machine... if there was I'd be off to the 19th century to visit some ancestors and interrogate them  ask them genealogy type questions which currently elude me.
ok first post out of the way...
until the next one - Have a good day and happy crafting x


  1. Congratulations on your new blog Gill! :)

    Love the Books - Love to see what you come up with (are you sure there's no instructions for a Time Machine? LOL! Wouldn't that be great!

    Happy Crafting to you too! xxx

  2. Congratulations on your new blog Gill - looks great and loving those books.

    Looking forward to seeing what you create.
    Snowing here too Brrr....Happy crafting to you too! xxx

  3. Ooh a Time machine hopefully with Infinite possibilities and Adventures along the way x Love your new blog :)


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