Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Blank space and a case of the F.O.F.s

What is it about a blank piece of paper or canvas, when making that first mark or brush stroke is so frightening - nothing really - so what if I mess it up - I can chuck it or re-use it. It's not as if the 'Stash Police' are going to be after me for wasting paper..LOL Does it matter and who cares? well apparently I do, as I had another episode of the F.O.F.s again, that being - Fear Of Failure. So I gave myself a good talking to and then decided to just go for it, after all 'Art' is suppose to be fun - isn't it?
Used Kanban Stamps, SeeDs stamps
The first piece was on watercolour paper, using Kanban and SeeD's stamps. Used watercolour paints and twinkling  H2Os, white souffle pen. Yeaaah first blank space covered! Then I got a small 6" x 4" Windsor & Newton book and got to the first page - oh dear - it was a blank white page!

.....and then the first white page in that book too was gone....yipeee!

Words  stamps by Andy Skinner

SeeD's, Victory and Hero Art stamps
oh well... they're not brilliant pieces but I had fun - eventually - making them.

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  1. Good morning Gill, what a joy to be your first follower on this blog, and what a joy to see your lovely art work. I have got the Kanban stamps and Andy Skinnerone too. I look forward to many new posts where you let your creativity fly.

  2. Hi and Welcome Carol - I don't feel so lonely now.. Thanks for the encouragement too..hope you are having a lovely day Gill x

  3. Gill these look great, Trust me FOF's are happening right now in my craft room ;)You are so right Art and creativity is for fun, pleasure and enjoyment. Your work is Gorgeous and I just love that you are experimenting
    Heather x


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