Friday, 15 March 2013

Don't fade away

Good morning and welcome "dear follower" (as I write this, that just being Carol) hi Carol - but hi to any one else who may have stumbled upon this and taken pity on me...LOL
Well it looks like rain today instead of snow, hope the sun is shining and is better where you are... me thinks this means a day inside to craft some more.
I suppose I am on a bit of an Art Journal "journey" at present. 
I've made similar style cards and digital-scrap pages but not really made any art like that in a real book until recently. (small 6x4 Windsor and Newton type with perforation's)
So this was the outcome of my last 'play time'
Used Liquitex apricot paint
then some Liquitex  venetian  rose and Rowney bright green

More paint added and then time to stamp
This is where I now wish I had used a book that I could take the pages out of. On the left hand page, the detail of the main stamp has been lost and looks faded - looks worse in photo... and this is why I've added the words on that page at top which say 'Don't fade away'.
I used archival ink and wonder if a combination of it being a large detailed foam stamp and not being able to press quite as good as I would have liked didn't make it easy to get a decent impression. (must remember to check that ink pad not starting to run out too) The acrylic paint was also artist quality, wonder does that make a difference to how inks etc react with them... so many things to consider and learn.

Slight buckling of the paper and over head shot
has made page shape look a bit odd - oops!.
 Paint: Liquitex apricot and ventian rose and Rowney bright green.
Stamps: La Blanche (the faded bit is a girl looking at butterfly)
small stamps a mix of Hero Arts, SeeD's and All night media.

Stamp on above page, Lady from a Hero Arts set. Also used white Souffle pen and black permanent marker pen for some dots and highlights.
Thanks so much for stopping by.... have a lovely day x



  1. Good lunchtime to you Gill, just had 2 specials and mushy peas from the chippy, courtesy of Giorgia my grand daughter, mmmmm. There is such a lot for you to consider with your art journal isn't there, but you are experimenting and learning as you go along, and being positive when things don't go as you had hoped.I love your colour combinations and stamping, keep at it my girl.

  2. fantastic !!! great to see all steps of this spread!
    I became follower...
    and I really hope to see you this year on our monthly challenge blog
    with such a great entry!

    xxx Susi

    1. Hi Susi - thanks, I shall take a look at that blog - thank you for stopping by... Gill x

  3. Hi Gill, now there's two and soon more will follow x
    I have not done art journalling by hand and love that it is an experiment, learning as you create. Looks Fab to me and Inspiring too :)
    love the colours and great touch with the souffle pen - white detailing :)
    Heather x


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