Tuesday, 19 March 2013


Please don't laugh (pretty please) as I popped this up (only temporarily as don't want to be heckled either LOL) as requested by Marit at Marits Paper World  as knew exactly what was meant in Marit's last WOYWW regarding being of an age to know what 'BCR' meant.
I had to (try) to improve this 1974ish photo and make it into a scrap page to hopefully distract anyone that might stumble upon it.
ooooy can I hear someone laughing? 

p.s..You had a load of stuff on your wall, and memorabilia but where's the photo of you in your Roller gear too Marit?   - Gill x


  1. Fab page and photo Gill, I had one of their albums love a bit of Shang a Lang x

  2. I must confess... I had my hair cut like 'the boys' (Eric...) and all the stuff, but I don't have any photo of myself in Roller gear... and that really sucks! But, a couple of years ago, I visited Edinburgh with my best friend - I've known her since primary school and we were both BCR-fans) - and after that, made a complete scrap album ánd knitted a 'Roller sweater' ... OK... long story... but you know what? I will dedicate (HA! Remember that one?!) my woyww post tomorrow on the memories and see what photos I can come up with... see you then! Keep on rollin'

  3. Ooooh I remember my daughter's going through the tartan trimmed phase thanks to the Bay City Rollers. Thanks for reminding me.

  4. Gill... the best I could do:

  5. How funny. I was a bit too young to be a fan but i remember the songs. That might be why mum tried to get me to wear a bright red tartan outfit when i was young.
    caroline #99 (akilli melek)


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