Tuesday, 19 May 2015


I did this project for two reasons; to practise a cling-film technique that looks a bit like rag rolling and to make a point to my lovely OH to keep out of my craft room. The effect has worked but the sign hasn't LOL

It was fun trying to get rusty/patina effects without using chemical solutions too. Just using paints and inks.

Some of the die cut cogs are on fun foam to give depth; I love fun foam as it is lightweight and fairly cheap to use too. The springs are recycled from something I recently dismantled.
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  1. Love your rusty sign, really well made. It's always better to get effects without using chemicals. Have a great day, and it was nice to see you on my blog! Hugs, Valerie

  2. This is just amazing. I love your owl and the overall effect is stunning :)
    Could you give your OH a little corner? Obviously you'd have to make the boundaries clear though!

    1. thanks Natasha .... I think I'm going to end up moving things about again and ordering another table x :)

  3. So creative, I love the tones and textures in this project x


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