Monday, 28 September 2015


Not a very original title but I've just had lunch and too much wine and I just can't think of anything else at present... it's another face for the fabulous challenge over at Kim Dellow 'Show your face' 

I  only started drawing faces at the end of August after getting a wonderful book by Jane Davenport and I'm hooked - its costing me a fortune also as I've bought loads of soft pastels and paper since then  LOL -  but having great fun!


This is using water colours and a little pencil and was inspired by  Danielle Donaldson whose book I got weekend before last.... see I am addicted ... I have also ordered a book by Pam Carriker on faces .... I love good books do you?

   Hope your day is going well
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  Gill x


  1. Your face is gorgeous, love the colours too, glad you are having fun. I can't often buy stuff, but I do look at Videos on Youtube when I have time. You have a nice additction! Hugs, Valerie

  2. She is Gorgeous- its quite addictive once you start - I want to try all sorts of mediums too. Thanks for your encouraging comments - I have linked up Sue x

  3. There is something very special about this, I do like her hair heart decoration and her grey hair (on a young face). Love the eyes too, in fact love all of it.

  4. She is lovely! Yes - good books are a pleasure for us!
    Have fun with your new books!

  5. oh my goodness...only since August!? She is soo cute and sweet. I'd say you are doing very well with your faces! love those little hearts sticking up from the bow, and her expression!!

  6. Love her blushing cheeks - she's very sweet.
    Alison x

  7. Hi Gill
    It looks like you now well and truly hooked and what a great job you are doing with your lovely faces. It is great when you can find yourself a book that starts you on a journey and this is going to inspire a lot of people. This is a lovely image and after a couple of glasses of wine we can forgive you the title.
    Hugs Ria

  8. Gorgeous Gill, I love her and her fab hair piece. Thanks so much for joining Show Your Face and for the shout out too. Kx


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