Thursday, 24 September 2015


I was merrily wading through some Youtube videos looking for information on soft pastels when I stumbled upon something different that I hadn't seen before - 2 videos by Leigh Reyes ‘writing on water’  and ‘Drawing on water’. .... on water? well sort of.....
So this is my attempt at creating something similar.

Hard to get a good photo of  the water on cartridge paper - but its supposed to be  a face.

A drawing or design was created using a small bottle with a fine nib filled with water. A paint brush could be used too. 
The following was done using a fine nibbed bottle.

Then using an ink pen/calligraphy pen sometimes part of the design was lightly touched with the pen which then made the ink start to fill the design where the water was. Sometimes the pen was used to draw through the water and add further words or drawing etc. I used a dip in pen and Black calligraphy ink.

The ink creeps along the watery lines

I thought this idea looked fun and had a bit of a play just doodling.


I have been wondering if something similar could be done using Brusho powders as they can be made into inks. Perhaps sprinkle the powder on an inked design too  - so that's to try out next time.

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  Gill x


  1. Brilliant! I've not seen this technique before but you've created a striking image using it. Looking forward to seeing the effect with Brusho powders too :)

  2. Never seen this technique... looks fantastic!

  3. Absolutely fantastic! Hugs, Valerie

  4. Hi Gill
    At last I have found time to come and look at your blog and I have to say this water drawing thing is really interesting. I think the face turned out really well and I love your first doodle pattern one.
    What a great way of having a bit of fun and waiting for the ink to show the image. I think using brusho's would be a great idea used in both the ways you suggest. Can't wait to see what else you do with this.
    Hugs Ria

  5. Fantastic effects, look forward to your next project.xx:)


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