Wednesday, 30 September 2015


Hi there .. its another lovely  warm and sunny day here on the Essex coast, I always feel more energetic and inspired on days like these...hope your day is going well.
So here's another one for Kim Dellow's 'Show your face'
Done using various pastels and colour pencils.
The one below is how its been left for now but when I was photographing it I added a gem stone to the middle of whats suppose to be a ?? errr ?? whats-it-called-turban-hat-adornment-pin ??..

This is how its been left for now
And below is another one of those quick drawing with water things

Don't forget if you want to show your face, pop over to Kims.
Thanks for stopping by, hope you have a great day.
I have a 'New Grandparents' card to make and struggling with ideas at present
so that's what I'll be doing shortly.
Gill x


  1. Hi Gill, LOVE your faces. The girl with the turban is gorgeous, love those eyes! The inky face is great too, I must give that technique a try. Do you just use ordinary paper for it? Glad you are linking up to Kim's, it's fun to meet up here and there! Hugs, Valerie

    1. Thanks for the lovely comments Valerie.
      I never know if people see replies so I will go and pop this on your blog when I've finished...

      You asked about paper and I think you are more experienced with this and may be able to advise me instead LOL
      The paper I have been using has been cartridge paper (from a Winsor & Newton cartridge sketch pad 110gsm) but I think I need to experiment with a thicker paper as ink sometimes goes through and the paper cockles.
      I did try on watercolour paper but it didn't work well as the water soaked in before I had time to get ink on.
      And when I added the Brusho powders on that other piece after first adding the ink it needed still to be wet of course.
      Maybe a layer of Gesso would help of course.
      Any ideas? Gill xx

  2. I lover her softness and the gorgeous green eyes!
    Turban-hat and turban-hat -adornment-pin - what a lovely idea?!
    The waterface is so artsy - have to try this technique once!!
    Yes sunshine is always good for my mind as well.... here Miss Sunshine disappeared after she showed up in the early morning ... what a shame!

  3. Thanks for the answers, Sweetie. I mostly just use cheap paper from a school drawing block, but always give it a coat of gesso, so will try with that, as it does seem to stop the ink/paint and whatever soaking though! Will let you know how it goes with your inky method! Hugs, Valerie

    1. Looking forward to seeing what you do Valerie - I know it will be amazing xx

  4. Lovely faces...enjoyed them both!

  5. Fabulous Gill, I love her eyes. I have so got to try the quick pic with water technique, thanks for the share. Thanks so much for joining Show Your Face and for the shout out too. Kx


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