Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Girl with Blue Hair; faces 'In the style of' .....

Hiya.... Do you have moments where you are merrily going along and suddenly something jumps out at you and grabs your attention and next thing you're off in all directions at once?
For me it was in August where I stumbled upon a book on faces by Jane Davenport which led me to the authors website. Her beautiful artwork is so inspiring and by the end of August I had bought the book (which has so much good information on drawing and colouring) and was hooked on learning to draw and paint faces.

So I am linking this today to Kim Dellow 'Show your face' where the theme this month is creating faces in style of an established artist....
so here is mine inspired by Jane Davenport

My blue haired girl is one of the first things I drew and is a mix of oil and soft pastels... and is more the result of a happy mistake than intentional - I got carried away and not sure what planet I was on, but I suddenly realised I wasn't using one type of pastel and probably not the best paper. It wasn't the effect I'd hoped for so next I tried scraping some off the oil pastel off but it looked messy.  I had nothing to loose so I used the soft pastels  over the top (especially on the face and neck) and liked the interesting texture it left. The background was Black pan pastel and used an electric eraser to give the swirly pattern.

At this point in time I only had a cheap set of soft pastels and oil pastels and a few PanPastel colours to make do with... and of course that has now changed - my 'off in all directions at once' has been buying and trying different pastels and brands, using watercolours to paint (not just use to colour my stamped images)
I also got two further inspirational books by Danielle Donaldson and Pam Carriker 
Yep I am now a face addict :)

Come see all the fantastic inspirational faces over at Kims
and maybe show your face too.

Thanks so much for stopping by today
Have a great day
Gill x


  1. That's a wonderful soft face Gill.. I can feel your exitement about all the possibilities and stuff and chances to learn and explore! Sounds great! I am addicted to faces as well - but it's not the worst addiction one can have!

  2. Love the face, she looks so soft and pensive, and the blue hair is a great addition. Accidents are sometimes really serendipitous. Have a lovely day, hugs, Valerie

  3. Oohh wow,what a beautiful girl,so soft and pensive,love her wonderful lips and eyes.

    hugs jenny

  4. Brilliant and I love the hair colour, it works great with the skin tone and darker background :)

  5. Wonderfully expressive and a Gorgeous piece, your artistic journey is a joy to read about and Inspiring x

  6. She looks so ethereal. Great pale blue hair.
    Loved reading how you made it with all the different processes and happy accidents. Electric eraser - that's a new one!
    Yes, isn't it fun to buy new art supplies because we definitely need them.


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