Sunday, 26 April 2015


Paper Mache hand to use for hanging jewellery on.
I just knew I had to turn it into a Steampunk themed one as soon as I saw the blank.

Gessoed it first and then painted with flesh colour acrylic paint.
I had cut up an old handbag to make the cuff and used a piece that had a rivet and bit of strap on which fitted nicely when wrapping around the wrist part.

Next I painted a piece of lace with blue paint, then added some
‘Brusho’ powder to grunge it slightly and some iridescent glitter glue on the lace edge and in a few places.
I had an off cut of net curtain and gathered it slightly to make a little ruff.
Then using my die-cutting machine I made some cogs from fun foam and painted/aged them with various paints and waxes.
The key was from something like a meat tin and painted etc that too and sprinkled a liitle bit of some black Brusho on it.
I got the nails from a 99p store and painted them with nail varnish - might change that to another colour at some stage..
All I need to do now is make some more necklaces to hang on it.


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