Monday, 4 July 2016

A quick face and water soluble/mixable oil paints experiment

Good day all 
and a special Happy 4th Of July to all my US friends

At 'Show your face' over at Kim Dellows  the theme this month is a 'Quick draw' of our face art. For mine I used a few oil pastels and opted to see what I could achieve in 6 minutes which was 2 turns of the egg timer.
It's amazing just how quick the time goes when you don't want it to.

A few days ago I mentioned that when I got some new acrylic paints, that Dave also had some water soluble/mixable oil paints and I was asked about them...
Having no experience of oil paints myself, and Dave hadn't painted for a good 20 years or so, I decided to have a play and experiment  to see what they were like. I was always put off in the past by the lingering smell of normal oil paints and the fact the paint took ages and ages to dry properly.   

 I tried 3 brands of water soluble oil paints: Cobra, Artisan and Georgian - they all have a slight smell but nothing as bad as normal oil paints but I still didn't really like that. (I have a bit of a sensitive nose and throat so I should have guessed they would affect me).
I did start a painting (not finished and not shown here) and I quite like the way the paints mixed and blended on the canvas, but as time went on I was more and more aware of the smell. However Dave is smitten with them and the smell not so noticeable to him.
Drying times are something like 5-8 days - I'm impatient so that's too long for me. I didn't have any of the proper fast drying mediums (which I believe also have an odour) for these type of paints, which halve the time, so instead I played around with some acrylic mediums I have to see what would happen.

1. Daler Rowney acrylic matt medium. Mixed nicely into a creamy consistency.

2. Daler Rowney flow enhancer. Mixed up a bit bubbly - but I like how it dried.

3. Galeria matt medium. A thinner medium than the Daler Rowney.

4. Galeria gloss medium. Appeared more like a glaze.

5. Walnut oil. Not fast drying of course but I'd read it could be used as an extender.

6. Galeria fluid retarder, slightly slower drying but nice finish.

Then I remembered that some colours take longer to dry than others because of their pigment so I then tried a colour which I believe is one of the slower drying ones and tried the experiment again.
Mixing proportions of paint to medium about (about 50/50).

7. Georgian - Crimson alizarin hue - neat.

8. Georgian - Crimson alizarin hue with Daler Rowney flow enhancer

9. Georgian - Crimson alizarin hue with Daler Rowney acrylic matt medium

10. Georgian - Crimson alizarin hue with Galeria matt medium

11. Georgian - Crimson alizarin hue with Galeria fluid retarde.

The matt and gloss mediums dried the same day.
Other than the walnut oil the rest dried in a few days. Some have a slight tacky feel to surface and in parts slightly shiny. I think the Galeria matt medium was my favourite, however I don't think I'll be taking up any kind of oil painting any time soon.

While I was playing, Dave was busy painting and obviously by the many changes not happy with what he was doing..... maybe it'll turn into a seascape next!
But one way or another he will definitely be carrying on with the water mixable oil paints but hopefully not any where near me!

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Have a great day
Gill xx


  1. Nice work from you both, it's hard to get a face done in 6 minutes. I limit myself to 20 mins for a double spread in my journal and it is not easy! Have fun day, and keep experimenting. Hugs, Valerie

  2. Your 6 minute face turned out super in my mind! Thanks a lot for all the details and experimenting ! Hmmm--- I don't know if I will try them out - maybe ?!
    Dave's painting looks very good!

  3. Love the face Gill although I'm probably still lining up the eyes at that 6 minute point! Love Daves painting too,looks like a Bob Ross one :)
    Donna xx


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